SHOW #001

SOFIIA ZOLOTO, a dynamic DJ originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine, is now charming audiences in Munich with her unique sound. Taking over her passion for music from her father, who played in local underground clubs in Kharkiv, Sofiia was dipped in the world of electronic music from an early age.

Her formal music education includes studying at a music school with a major in academic vocal, which has fostered a deep appreciation for tracks with rich vocal elements. This background influences her DJ sets, where she seamlessly blends electronic, melodic techno, deep house, dark disco, and more, creating soundscapes that excite audiences.

Sofiia’s connection to the electronic music scene is profound, and she constantly pushes boundaries to explore new musical horizons. Not restricting herself to any genre, her dedication and love for the craft shine through in her performances.

Sofiia Zoloto invites you to be part of her DJing journey. With her talent and enthusiasm, she’s set to make a mark in the electronic music scene. Get ready to groove to her infectious energy and diverse mixes.

MAGIC FLAVA started his DJ career in the mid-90s as a member of various sound systems. Later, as a solo act, he played for some big names such as Porsche, Moet Chandon, MTV and FC Bayern Basketball, where he provided the atmosphere. Well-known clubs such as Munich’s Pacha, the legendary P1 and the popular Bob Beaman have booked him again and again as a DJ.

Performances abroad are also not uncommon, whether Switzerland, Austria or Croatia are also on the schedule from time to time.

As a supporting act, Magic Flava has also played alongside Jazzy Jeff, Mr. Mixx (2 Live Crew), Naughty by Nature and Kidz in the Hall, to name but a few.

As a resident of the legendary Beastin Classic parties in Munich, he is one of the founding members of the BSTN Soundsystem.

L.E.W.s musical journey began at the tender age of 6, and his passion for electronic music was ignited during his quest for new sounds. Since then, he has been enthralled by the world of beats and rhythms.

With a background as a producer for rap, advertising, and film music, L.E.W. founded BEAT LEAGUE in 2023, a vibrant community event and competition for producers across Germany.

Time Place People, or TPP, is a concept that L.E.W. has cherished for years. While not entirely new, it is a unique creation of his own—a community radio platform designed for emerging DJs, fresh sounds, dance music culture, and so much more.